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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome to the Pond!

We'd like to introduce you to the newest additions to our garden pond...teeny turtles! Two of them to be exact. I'm telling you, I ought to have my own nature show on Public Television with all the stuff that goes on around here. The kingbird babies are still in eggs being sat on, a couple weeks back, a lizard ran into my living room and I had to corner it and chase it out, and now turtles in the pond. What a great learning opportunity for the kids. They were fascinated and Lillie actually knew they were reptiles. I expected her to say a fish because they were in water, but I guess I ought to learn to raise my expectations of her... Since there are two, Lillie and Jack each adopted one. Lillie named hers Maybelle (that is what she wanted us to name Chloe before she was born) and Jack named his Toot. Here's a picture of Toot. Maybelle has crawled underneath a rock and I can't get a good pic of her. I'll post when I can get one.

Jody and my dad worked on a project last week, I told dad I'd post the pics of the finished product after I woodburned it. It's an altar and it turned out rather nice.

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