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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Confessions of a CO-OP Hijacker...

Yes, it's true...I have been known in the past to crash Co-op get togethers. My sister has a great little group she's involved in and I wish they all lived closer to me! We don't have a group we work with currently, so I am very glad that my sis always invites me to their activities. Thursday she was teaching an art class so we tagged along. First, I must give my sister props. Look, so what if Martha Stewarts house is perfectly neat and decorated...she's got a maid! My sister, she has a husband, five girls and one brain cell (she knows this is true) and works miracles. She is sooooo very clever, creative and crafty. Nope, Martha ain't got nothin' on my sister. Okay, now that I've kissed up, I'll get on with the post.
Well, here's the pictures of the class. Nothing shows the true nature of homeschool mothers than how they react to a long table full of paint and preschoolers sitting around it, poised and ready to "create". You can feel the tension in the air. The nails bitten to the quick...the cat like reflexes. It was very fun and all the kids seemed to really enjoy the time together and more importantly the church didn't get a free paint job!
This is man of multi-tasking. Notice the stamp in one hand, the brush in the other. This man is a PROFESSIONAL. However he does not grasp the concept of moderation when it comes to painting. He'll pour a whole bunch of paint on the plate, then gob his brush full of it and just slap it on. He builds on it until it looks much like a topographic map with hills of paint all around.

It may look like he's giving me pointers here...but he isn't. I can paint just as good (not much better) as any three year-old, thank-you very much. Not bragging or anything, but I've been known to make some pretty good lookin' fingerpaintings in my life...
This is my darling Lillie who did a very nice job sitting still and listening to her aunt Leila teach about pointillism. Baby Lauren and the FABULOUS Hair!!!!!!!!!! Chloe trying to plan out what paint she's gonna knock off the table first...

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