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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Keeping Things In Perspective...

With all that is going on, it's hard to stay in the right mind set. It seems like everyday there are new and discouraging developments in our country. Financial instability has hit all of us, upper, middle or lower. People losing their jobs left and right, bankruptcy on the rise, foreclosures running rampant. Everything is negative and there seems no end in relief.
I will admit, I've not been immune to worry and anxiety. Even as a child of God, I have succumb to the melancholy of it all.
When I heard about this lead testing deal, I was just...aggravated. To no end. I mean, what am I gonna do for clothing for my three kids. This will hit the economy at a time when it doesn't seem like it can take much more. People will be losing their jobs, prices of everything will go know how it is. Worry and Anxiety perpetuate themselves until, if we're not real careful we will get in such a state that our perspective is all messed up. The truth is, Jesus instructed me in Matthew to take no thought of what I would eat or what I would wear, that he would supply all my needs according to his riches. My needs, not my wants. In this country we have had it so good for so long and have been so pampered that we can't tell the difference between real needs and our wants. So, if every second hand store closes and Wal-Mart jacks up it's prices so high I can't afford to clothe my kids, it matters not to God. He's not one bit panicked, because he controls it all and nothing will take him by surprise. According to his Word, he will provide my needs.
I heard a man of God preach this last Sunday night and he said somethings that really stuck. We let the trials of this life harden us if we're not watchful. It can steal our joy. Instead of looking to the nightly news (which is mostly bias and probably not accurate) we ought to look to God's word. In it we will find out how things will really play out and be able to claim some wonderful promises the Creator has made to His children. I encourage you to maintain the proper perspective...see things the way God would see them. If we did that, we'd be a lot more encouraged. Just a bit of rambling...something that hit me last night as I was mulling over the state of our world.
"When all these things come to pass, look up, because your redemption draweth nigh."
Luke 21:28


  1. very well put my dear della, And oh so very true, we all to often limit God and His desire to provide by our lack of faith and our arrogance about how we think God should do it, Who are we to tell God how to care for us, we should always be willing to rest in Him, and His will for our lives. Brandie

  2. well... if it makes you feel any better... I used to buy all of our clothes at second hand stores, but then I had 5 kids and it got hard to find time to shop and God started sending second hand clothes right to my door in the form of hand me downs. And I'm talking nicer stuff than I would have ever found at second hand stores, or if I did they would be the most expensive items. God is so good and you are right, he's the one putting the clothes on our backs so have no fear. He's got you covered.

  3. very well put!...SO true it from him that ALL our NEEDS come..I too have to remember this..oh my lack of faith! IT is easier to just do something about it or try to than to stand still and let God move!
    Thanks for this post a great reminder!

  4. That verse is there for a reason! It brings such comfort to know we are in His hands!!

    I tagged you over at my blog