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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Further Proof That My Kids Are Crazy...

This is another post where I needed to get some pics off the camera. I'll warn you, some are normal, others strange, but all remind me how grateful I am for my family...
Singin' a duet with Sissy...

Chloe's hair after Lillie dumped a half a bottle of baby oil onto it... Very curly and very pretty, though a little greasy:)
Makin' Pizza...

Yes...that is my laundry room packed to the nines...just keepin' it real for you...
Lillie in time-out or "The end of the world" as she'd call it...This was not the intended use of this pop-open hamper, but, oh well...whatever pops your clutch!
Have a great day, ya'll!


  1. Keep on keepin' it real Sista! ;) Would do us all good to show everyone we're not June Cleaver! Love the dress Chloe's wearing, Susannah has the same one! See you around...btw, we're moving back to Crossville in 2 weeks! Yay!

  2. Really vute post and believe me your laundry room looks great! Cute pics of the kids, We need to all get together sometime and have an art day or something!! Brandie

  3. I am lovin this post! I mean come on lets get real here how many of us moms of mutiple children have spotless laundry rooms..and if you are out I don't want to know about it ok.
    If I would take pics of my house some days you would think it was a pig barn..really..whats wrong with keepin it real?
    I'm with Brandie when we going to have an art day she has the perfect basement and we could keep it real and mess it up real good with what 9 goodness!
    I love the vest that Chloe has on..I so love lime green! She is precious oh and that time out..priceless you could use that when she is like dating you know for black mail so don't lose it!
    I hope you are doing well!
    Love ya!

  4. awesome post! Love that you didn't bat an eye to post the laundry room pics and the "end of the world" made me crack up (I usually do when I visit here, love it!)....

  5. oh and Joy, I have real trouble believing that about your h ouse but I'll take your word on it girlfriend.

  6. Amanda, that's great! We'll have to get together like we planned before ya'll headed to Knox-vegas. Joy, I'm with you on Brandi's basement (sorry girl, that's the price you pay for havin' one :) of course I meant I'm on board with the art day, not messing your basement up ;) And Prairie Chick, I think I just found my first "hot spot" wait until you see the laundry room closet!