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Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Just Her Thang!

My oldest daughter just LOVES music. She loves to sing and play my various stringed instruments, but she absolutely has a passion for the piano. She has always been around music, as my family, on both sides love it. She has grown up sitting next to either her Nannie or Aunt Shanna on the piano stool.

About a year ago, my grandmother gave me her piano that her mother, my great-grandmother Louise (who is my namesake, at least as far as my middle name goes) gave her when she was a little girl. It now sits in my living room, covered with dust (yes, there's dust) and old church hymnals that are falling to pieces, pictures of loved ones and various heirlooms. It is a beautiful piano in need of tuning...badly. But, there is something about it, even in it's untuned state that sounds beautiful. I think it's probably the memories. I can remember my own little fingers playing the very keys my grandmother played as a little girl and now, my daughter plays with such passion. The music she creates can actually sound like she knows what she's doing, but most of the time, she gets caught up in singing a hymn we're studying or a song our family sings in church and she just wails on the piano and it's just her and that piano...


  1. Made me cry, its just that sweet. they learn so much from watching others don't the, and I just love how their favortie songe are the ones they hear in church, they may not totally understand the meanign fo the songs bu they knwo they are special and that will stay with them a long time. Brandie

  2. my typing is a little messed up but maybe you get the meaning (its been along day)!!

  3. No need to explain, us mothers could invent a whole new language after some days we go through!

  4. Oh Della! Those pictures are just awesome and well it is amazing they learn at such a young age! She is beautiful Della!