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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Going "Bowl"-ling!

Since we've been studying Daniel Boone and seeing as how Richard Henderson bought Kentucky from the Cherokees, thus sparking Boone and his men to cut the Wilderness Trail, I decided to let the kids play a Cherokee game called, simply "The Bowl Game" The Cherokee would have beans or pebbles with designs on one side. Each player had a different design and they would toss their beans or pebbles up and the first person to have all their pieces land face up won. So, I drew little designs on lima beans and brought out some small, shallow baskets (for authenticity). The kids each had 5 minutes to see how many times they could get all their beans to land design side up. What fun! A little messy, but what fun! Jack ended up winning but only because I couldn't make Lillie see that she needed to toss one time and then LOOK and see if her beans landed right. She just continously tossed her beans in her basket, mostly tossing them all over the living room and wasting precious time. The only reason she got any points was because I was watching her bowl close enough to catch most of the times all her beans landed right side up. It was a close race however. Jack won by only one toss.

Jackson caught cheating...flippin' his beans! Lillie after I tell her Jack beat her!

For our bird unit, we learned about migration. Here's two sites to check out....

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