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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Know I Can Be Mean Sometimes...

but , really. Am I this bad? Lillie was asking how to spell my name and I told her, being the kind of mom who loves to spell my own name twenty times a day. It helps me to remember that I actually have a real name other than Mom and keeps me in practice for when I introduce myself to other adults. ("Hi! My Name is Mom, but you can call me Mommy" :)

Anyhow, I didn't think anymore of it till yesterday morning when I was going through my "files" (aka, school papers slung all over the dining room table) and came across this...

See...that's my name "Della" however, at first glance it read "Devil" and I couldn't help but laugh. The" v" is really two "l's" and she totally left off the "a" I figure she started out writing my name and then switched to her own. Or maybe it's time I mellow out a bit, what do you think! Have a blessed day!


  1. Devil,Oh sorry I mean Della, What's a little name calling between family!! Besides can you remember any of those kind names you once called your own mother.And don't forget what the preacher said Wednesday night about what his children called their wonderful mother when they were growing up and your husband was one of the worst! And today he loves his mother very much he told me so just the other day so theres hope. Oh and by the way thats nothing to what your mother-in-law calls you sometimes --- just kidding!!! love, davisnanny

  2. Ok that is soooo funny totally laughing here! I am glad I haven't found any notes my kids write about me..ummm maybe they won't feel so inclined to write about me cause well they tell me sometimes exactly how they feel! Callee is feeling some better today!
    love ya

  3. that is just to funny, My dd loves to write notes to me, especially when she is mad at me and there have been a few that made me feel bad but mostly they just make me laugh, I am keeping them to use for blackmail one day, Oh you just gotta love kids, Have a great day! Brandie