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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ready for Spring...

Earth is crammed with heaven,
And every bush alive with God
But only he who sees,
Puts off his shoes.
Mrs. Browning
We truly enjoyed yesterday's beautiful spring weather and hope it's here to stay. Went to the park and took a nature walk on the trail. It was short, as Chloe stumbled and fell onto the paved trail. Her nose started bleeding a little and she had a pretty good boo -boo on her knee. But she's a toughy , let me assure you.

Lillie has really grown to love drawing. And, what's more, she's pretty good at it. I remember clearly the day about a year ago when it hit me that this was a love I needed to nurture in her. She came up to me with her sketch pad and said "Look Mommy! I drew you a princess!" And it actually looked like one. I was impressed to say the least. Wednesday, I clipped her a blossoming limb off one of our Bradford Pear Trees and she drew it, with a little assistance from me, but mostly on her own.I am thinking of collecting her drawings and printing a book on Shutterfly to keep up with them. I've been meaning to scan them , as well. My dad kept alot of our drawings as kids tucked in books. It's neat to go back home and open a book and out fall a crayoned masterpiece from my younger days.Here's a flower she drew the other day, so I let her copywork be a snippet from a beautiful spring poem called "The Voice of God".

For math, Lillie has been reconstructing the hundred's chart. I print out a couple on cardstock and cut them into puzzle pieces, then , she has to put the hundred's chart back together. It really helps with her number recognition and number sequence. For more fun ways to use hundred's charts, click here.

Found a nifty and simple tutuorial online for these peasant blouses. This is the first one I made and I could see immediately some alterations to my pattern that will need to be made to make it fit Lillie a little better. But I plan on making the girls some blouses and skirt sets to wear out and about. This shirt took only one hour and was so easy, it made me giddy! I am going to try to make a dress using the same pattern.Chloe loves hats. If there's one lying around, she puts it on. That and she likes to wear skirts on her head to.
Have a truly wonderful day in the Lord!


  1. Sounds like you guys enjoyed the day as much as we did, thursday was a little nippy but yesterday and today were nice, I too hope that spring is here to stay, Oh and by the way, what do ya say we start fresh on our bible study on Monday, I'll see ya there, Brandie

  2. I'm with you all the way, sister. Man we have slacked!!!!

  3. Loved this post! I am looking forward to making shirts like that. Cute!! Now to get my sewing machine working again!
    How's that guest post coming along? :D

  4. It's coming...the problem I'm having is narrowing down all my thoughts and opinions and trying to not write a novel :)