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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sew Productive!

I have to be in a mood to sew. What's more is I'm not a very knowledgeable seamstress. I don't like to use patterns, though I do alot of times. I just get discouraged very easily and suffer from envy for people like Anna over at Pleasantview Schoolhouse who can make, like, anything. God blessed me with two girls and as we wear skirts and dresses exclusively, I can't tell you how hard it is to find stuff to cover the bottom half of Lillie . She's stick straight and very tall, so dresses and jumpers that fit up top are really too short for my liking. So, it's a matter of necessity that I know a little something about sewing. I know enough to get me by and I am always on the prowl for easy tutorials and nifty patterns for little girlie things and like to recycle things in the process, make use of what most would throw away. Neccessity truly is the mother of invention. I like clever things...
Enter...the pillowcase dress.

The main body of the dress is made from a vintage pillow case I picked up at the Goodwill for 10 cents, I think. And imagine my joy when , while cleaning out a closet yesterday, I found an old bed ruffle and pillow case that had this pretty eyelet trim. So, I cut it off and tossed the remains. I think it really made this dress something special. And this was sooooooooooo simple. Pillow case dresses have been made throughout the years, but I got the instructions at RedInstead. And the best's already hemmed at the bottom! Lillie loved it and said she felt like a real princess in it! She can hardly wait for warmer weather so she can wear it out!

Well, I thought since I had the itch, I needed to scratch it for all it was worth. Jack has recently hit a growth explosion and needed some new pants. Jack is hard on jeans, so most of them have little holes or alot of wear. I could just toss them, but why when I could make...

Denim Skirts!!!!

This particular pair of Jack's pants had holes identical to one another. What to do? Well, I sewed contrasting material behind one and then experimented with applique on the other. I realize this "patch" will probably fray the first time I wash it, but I figure it'll add to it 's funkiness (the good kind of funky) . Sewed a simple tie belt, cause accessories are the key to any outfit.I love to mix and match's both a gift and a curse.I winged this one, but there are alot of tutorials out there for you if you catch the sewing bug! I feel very productive I have to do school. Have a blessed day!


  1. WOW!! YOU GO GIRL!!
    Those are sooo cute!
    I caught the sewing bug too..just I don't know what to do with him yet..either squish or let em live you know.
    As soon as the sickness is gone here I am going to let him loose Lord willing. You inspired me to try the skirt I have been keeping back pants for a while but haven't had the nerve to try it here goes nothing..
    HOpe everyone is well at your house..the clothes are darling!
    I love the skirt I always have like them like that!

  2. You are so talented , those are so cute!!