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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What We've Been Up To...

Jack is his daddy's boy through and through. And he is all boy! He loves cars, trucks, anything with wheels and anytime he can show his Daddy how to fix them, he jumps all over it. This is what I caught him doing last night...Yep, he's still upside down here and yes, it looks like his blood might be finally making it to that huge noggin of his...but he's all business folks.Sometimes Daddy needs help figuring things out...that's when it's good to have a preschooler around to show you how it's done.
I know this outfit doesn't match, okay? But I didn't want to take two different pictures. And my daughter can also make some of the goofiest faces when she's "posing". This is another peasant top I made out of a green apple colored fabric with white polka dots. I need to make the bodice longer and fit it more under the arms next time. When you're winging it, it's a learning experience. The skirt is made from a pillowcase I found at the thrift store. I love old pillowcases and sheets, because they are so soft and flowing and they are much better quality than alot of the new stuff. This one cost me 50 cents. Total cost of outfit ...maybe $2.00.Since one of the reasons Lewis and Clark went out west was to map the vast unknown, I've been doing a mini-unit on maps. I bought a Rand McNally Beginner Geography workbook for a $1.00 at Big Lots, like 3 years ago in hopes that I would use it and use it we have! The workbook doesn't give a lot of practice, but presents the information in an easy to understand way. I supplement with activities of my own to keep it fun and reinforce key ideas. This week our lesson was on the compass (which we've studied before) and the map key. I gave Lillie a road map and we circled where we lived and then we circled where our families and friends lived and then I had her go through and tell me what direction we'd have to go to get to their houses. Then , we hunted up all the parks and airports in our state using the map key and then I helped her draw a map of our living room which was totally not to scale , but demonstrated the layout of the living room, sans the position of all the toys and junk scattered around. There is so not that big of space between the desk and the piano...but oh well, it was fun and she learned...We took a break from our Math War card games and worksheets and did a neat little measuring activity. I cut out construction paper feet using me Lillie and Chloe's feet as the template. Then I chose three points in the house and Lillie laid out the feet and counted how many of each size it took to get to the point. She charted them and then we discussed why it was that it took less of my feet to get somewhere than Chloe's and so on.We're currently reading a book about Sacagawea and we tried our hand at bartering . I got the printouts from the US Mint but didn't go along with the lesson plan. If you're looking for some neat lesson plans the US Mint has em ! I built the kids a blanket "tipi" and we crawled inside. I was Indian chief and Lillie was Lewis and Jack was Clark. The kids got a real kick out of my horrible impersonation of said indian chief "Chief trade three horses for Butterfinger ;)" Chloe raided our meeting and busted up the party, scattering the bartering pieces and plundering the snacks... Chloe is still in search of the perfect look in headwear... It is her quest!
Have a blessed day!

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