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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Vertically Challenged Gourmet...

In my attempt to gain patience, I have been allowing the kids to come and help in the kitchen more. Jack and Anna actually worked TOGETHER (with very little bloodshed involved) and washed the dinner dishes a couple nights ago! The fact that they co-existed in the same air space for more than 15 minutes without arguing leads me to believe the end is near...

Well, what of Little Sis? What can such a short little feller do in such a grown-up world????
Why, make lunch , of course. Mini Pizza's to be exact...

Slingin' on the Pepperoni...literally. She'd throw one on and then eat one...and though I wasn't watching the ENTIRE time, I can assure you none of my kids would ever chew on a pepperoni and then place in on one of the pizzas...actually, I'm not 100% on that one... Around here, ignorance really is bliss!

"CHEESE!!!" No...really, bring it on..."A little for me...""And a little for you..."Andddddddd....a little for me...." Have a Blessed Day and Don't Forget to Pray!


  1. I think that is wonderful, and such patience, She will be a great cook one day. And remebering to pray that is one thing we could all use a little more of. Brandie

  2. How cute and I need to let mine help out moore in the kitchen..she is soo sweet Della, and yes we could all use a little more pray about our days!