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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

11th Most Dangerous Job...

Okay, so I found a list of the top ten dangerous jobs in America . Now I agreed with the majority of the jobs on the list. Logger, no doubt, wouldn't want to do that job. Big trees fallin' on you, not pleasant. Airplane Pilot? Forget it, not without a concealed carry permit.Seriously. But where was motherhood!? I mean, there may not be as many fatalities as other occupations, but I know I've got more stress than a taxi driver or a chaffeur! Wait! I Am a chaffeur! My children experience (that's as kind as I can put it.)when driving around town. Jackson loves to scream 'Go Mommy!" at red lights when I'm not really paying attention. If we're going to , say, the library, and I decide to take an alternate route, they freak out and little Miss GPS in the back row starts saying "Mom, you needed to turn left back there." Chloe senses when we are almost to the grocery store and launches into full scale fit throwin' which puts me in the running for a fender bender.
Number 5 on the list was a Garbage Collector! Need I say anymore? I collect garbage all day. But does a garbage collector have people come and grab stuff out of his truck and strew it all over the road?
My job is very dangerous and stressful. If I need to make an important phone call, and my kids are awake, I have to hide in closets risking head injury because my closets are a fire hazard. Housebreaking a 3 year old ! I'm screaming right now inside! My nagging gland is worn out! I almost passed out the other day blowing on some hot pizza rolls at lunch! I have a repetitive motion injury in my wrist from diaper changing and nose wiping! A nervous twitch when I take them out in public and my tear ducts go nutsy when I think about them growing up!
In conclusion, I would like someone to recognize us mothers for our dedication in the face of danger everyday! It's a battle out there, man! I'm outnumbered by children every day. But, I wouldn't trade my dangerous job for anything in this world! I'm just gonna add a bullet-proof panel to my apron and truck on!


  1. funny! you said it all I totally agree with you! I love your blog sounds like you and I are a lot alike! I needed that good laugh today! thanks!

  2. You are hilarious!! I totally agree with you. Being a stay at home mommy is WORK! But I love it!

  3. Della, I have just embarked on your blog spot...and you are to funny!!! Gosh I wish I had known this side of you in school. Thanks for reminding me again about being a mommy...I love my kids, but have been so stressed lately that I needed to be reminded. Yes again, God has used you to touch my life...and thank you God for Della!!! Keep blogging, I really enjoy it!