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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kissin' Dish Pan Hands Goodbye...I Hope!

This is me with my new best friend! It's my new dishwasher that we bought. Why the sad face? See, I've been roughin' it for awhile now and I have a dishwasher, it's just sitting in the middle of my living room right now.
I never had a dishwasher growing up. Everytime I asked my dad "Dad, why don't we just buy a dishwasher?" He'd smile and say "Don't need to, we already have one." Then he'd hand me a drying towel. Well, I moved out of my parents and was so psyched to finally have a dishwasher. Had one until Jody and I moved into a house. Well, when we bought the house, call me naive, I just assumed every house came with a dishwasher, like they added it to a building code or something. I honestly didn't realize there was not a dishwasher till after we signed the papers. But, it was a dandy of a deal on a place of our own, so I can't say I would have given it up if I had known beforehand. Well, I thought "I can do this!" It was kinda, I don't know, novel at the time. Well, three kids later, the novelty has long worn off. So, a way was made. Enter Local Sales Network (which by the way, you can buy ANYTHING on that site.) Found a nice man with a practically new dishwasher for $50. So, we bought it. However, we have not had the chance to install it yet. So it sits there, torturing me! I have a new box of Cascade just calling to me from the utility room. I am presently going to go to and order the kit we need so I can end all this craziness!
Well, here's a couple of pics I snapped the other day of the kids...

This dog is my hero...
ANNNNNNNNNDDDDD....several posts back I said I'd show some pictures of our lapbooks. So far we've done 4. If you have never heard of or considered doing lapbooks in your homeschool, you must give it serious thought. They are very neat and helpful. Of course, I have to do most of the assembly work seeing as how I don't trust my children with scissors or glue by themselves.
Here's our American Flag Unit book...

Unit on Bees...

Excuse Lillie's Hand...she's practicing to be a hand model...
Inside of our Unit lapbook on Apples...

Johnny Appleseed...Even though Lillie can't read fluently, she'll still take them down and look at them. Then she'll retell what she learned. So, she puts them to use now, but in the future when she can actually read them, they will be invaluable.

Well, I've got to get back to cleaning my house, thanks for taking a break with me! Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. I too LOVE my dishwasher!Hope you will get yours instlled soon! I actually live in Sparta and yes you can link to me that is fine! Can I link to you? I attend church in Crossville though how funny is that? We go to Grace Baptist Church. I have three children also.

  2. I feel your pain. Six years without a dishwasher. :-( But at least I have a window above the kitchen sink.

    Great lapbooks! We do them too!