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Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's All About Cheap!

Cheap books, cheap is good!

Well, I haven't blogged yet this week, cause nothing exciting has happened. Lillie and Jack spent Monday at Nanny's house and we went down to my sister's house Monday night. Tuesday, we just got math and reading done because I had to do my weekly shopping. Yesterday, we read about Noah in our Studying God's Word book. I printed out the kids some Noah coloring pages to busy them while I read. Don't ask me why kids listen better when they're busy with something else! It makes no sense! Lillie made a Noah's Ark craft that was really cute out of Paper Plates and they had little animal Stick puppets to put in there.

You can get this project by clicking here. Click here for alot of cute Noah's Ark games and activities.

Well, Math was a supplemental worksheet I made modeling the Math Mammoth program we are using. I still can't get over how much it clicks with Lillie and was well worth my sister's $4.00 (thanks Leila) as she is always letting me sponge off her. What is family for if you can't sponge now and then! We used our new gameboard to review sight words for our reading. Learned the cave stroke in our writing curriculum. Jack and Lillie now know 4 of the basic strokes outlined in the program. And it's been a real experience as Jackson is a lefty. For science, we read about Hippos from our Nature reader, did a coloring page, added hippo to our animal classification chart and Lillie completed a Notebooking page for her Animals I Know Book. Next week we will begin a planet unit study which I'm hoping will be a success.

Yesterday I realized something. Well, I suppose I have known it all along, so I guess you could say re-realized (is that even a correct usage?). Children find pleasure in some of the cheapest , most useless looking things. Like when my kids are more interested in playing with the bows and wrapping paper than the present inside! I wish we had never blew the money we did on Lillie's first Christmas, cause all she cared about was playing with the bags. So, enter clothespin dolls which I saw my sister making one day and thought they were pretty neat. I got a bag of those old slip on clothespins, you know the ones with the rounded heads. I hotglued somehair on and some material on, drew faces on them, and presto. Instant fun for $1.00! Even Chloe loved hers, falling asleep with hit clinched in her little hand. I plan on making the girls a whole set, but I've got to get some more lace and ribbon and such as I didn't have too much to work with. Next time I will know better what to do and they'll look a whole lot better, but the kiddos didn't seem to mind a bit. Lillie named hers Lady Bluebird.

Jackson's did have a powder wig on like George Washington, but he tore it off and it ended up looking like those ugly trolls with all the hair that were all the rage back in the early 90's. You remember...don't be ashamed. It was a trend, like crimping irons , side ponytails, legwarmers over pants and salad shooters. I wish I had a salad shooter, actually. They appeared to be very helpful!And here is Chloe with hers on the brink of falling asleep. Well, on my day off Monday, I went to the used book store and was so excited to find that some homeschooler mom, probably, cleaned off her shelves. And I found a bevy of nature and history books. Here they be...
I love the smell of "new" books! Well, it's time to arouse the remaining sleeping one, get breakfast in em' and get to work. I love Homeschooling! Have a great day!

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  1. Awesome! I really like the clothespin dolls. I will have to try that! Great idea! Those books are great! I love a good deal!