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Friday, August 22, 2008

Awww Shucks!

As everyday at Promise Academy is not recliner gripping , edge of your seat exciting, I sometimes like to save things up. Well, it never fails. The first day back after a break is always super productive. Then the next day something always comes up that hinders us from doing any work much at all! This time, it was corn! I was up to my ears (forgive the corny joke, see, hah! I did it again right there!) My dad, who is the Kernel (I mean, the Colonel) of Corn (That was the last time, I promise! Sometimes I simply can't resist good produce humor) came to help me again this year as my darling husband brought home, not just the bacon, but 10 dozen corn that demanded my immediate attention. So I have to say thanks to him and thanks to my dad who sacrificed a couple hours of retirement to shuck corn and explain worms to the kids. We had a good time just chatting it up on the porch!They say she's just like her momma... I just don't see it...Well, yesterday, we finally made it to the lake for a nature walk. It was a great day as it was not hot at all and so peaceful. There were a ton of shells laying around the shore and a flock of geese which were'nt a bit shy!

I can't resist taking pictures of kids in direct sunlight...they make such cute faces!

Not really sure why she had her hands over her eyes...maybe the sun again?
After the kids were all natured out, we went on over to the playground.

I couldn't resist this one...she looks so contemplative. Yeah, by the way, that is a John Deere leash attached to her. I don't dare venture out alone with all the kids without it if she has to walk!

Jack loves this game, however, he usually plays by himself. I'm not sure why? Maybe it's because he loves to swing it around really hard and doesn't even try to dodge it! He usually gets hit in the head about a hundred times.Oh well, make your own fun if no one will play with you, I suppose.

Math Mammoth is working out very well with Lillie and I couldn't be more pleased. Yesterday, even after taking the nature walk and playground excursion, I managed to get school done and my house in pretty decent shape, better than it is most days! Lillie even did her McGuffey's reading lesson without whining. I'm gonna have to start doing things this way more often. The kids seem more relaxed after the fresh air and exercise, as do I. That Charlotte Mason kinda knows what she's talking about, huh?
Yesterday, I woodburned the kids a gameboard as it is more durable than the ones I have been printing off. I use a generic dice and board game to review with the kids. The competition really spurs them on. I just right down the questions, everything from history, to science, to reading words, sight words, writing strokes and math problems. So Lillie and Jack are challenged not in just saying something, but actually having to read,write move,and sing and work things out in order to move around the board. Here's a pic of the finished gameboard, though I believe I'll varnish it real good later.


  1. WOW! I love the game you made! You so creative! How do you woodburn? I am so jealous of the park right close to you! We put up corn this year is great when you have good help isn't it.
    So what subjects are you doing with Lillie and do you have set lesson plans on what to do each week? What are you doing for science just the nature study? I recieved my order of Ann Camstocks Nature study book today and I am sooo excited! Now just to know what to study in American History! Who did you start with? I want to plan things to where we can study pilgrims around Thanksgiving(who wouldve thought right!)Maybe one day we could get the kids together to play..they are about the same age I do believe. Great post today and thanks for sharing the pictures and what you do in school it really keeps me encouraged!

  2. Can I get me one of them gameboards?