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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday on a Blanket...

Being that Lillie has hit a milestone and has become quite the young lady, I decided to do something special for her birthday yesterday. We took a picnic out to the lake complete with sandwiches, pink (of course) punch, and pink (Is their any other color according to Lillie?) princess truffles. Yesterday, Jackson picked out some things for Lillie at the Dollar Tree. A princess journal, notepad, a pack of sparkly lipgloss, some Cinderella stickers, play jewelery and a new purse to carry it in. He did very well. It got him high scores with Lillie...

This is the view from our picnic spot...Lillie had a great time and was so appreciative for her little gift bag from Jackson. She just kept saying "thank-you for coming to my picnic".


  1. How nice! Those are great pictures! Haven't talked to you in a while...will email soon..trying to get organized and get our heads back in the game so to speak.
    Tell Lillie we said Happy Birthday!