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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Big 5 Lillie Anna!

I've heard that time flies all my life, but not until I had children did I realize how true that is. If you're a parent, you'll relate to what I'm saying. There are times when I get a "breather moment" and I look at my kids and think "Gosh, they are getting so big and grown up." Been there? It's really bittersweet. Part of you is curious to see what sort of adults they will become, it's a mixture of anxiousness and excitement. But the big part of you wants them to stay little, the way they "used to be". I once read a quote that said, "To have children is to forever have your heart walk around outside your body." How true that is...

So in honor of my first baby's birthday, here are some pictures dug from the archives.I love this pose... I call it "Bored Stiff Baby"... I dont' know why portrait studios don't utilize it more?????

Hey! Every culture has it's rites of our family the first chicken leg is one of the biggie's. We are baptist after all...Look at the crooked bangs...those spaced out baby teeth, and that scruffy hair...what's not to love?Happy Birthday to my little girl whose not so little anymore!


  1. I know all to well how quickly our precious babies grow up. I can't sit and think about it too much though, it might make me cry. Being a mother is such a precious gift from God. Happy Birthday Lillie!

  2. By the way, I went to highschool with you and graduated in 99. I am friends with Joy and Brandie. I thought you probably did not know that.

  3. Love the post! My daughter will turn 9 years old this saturday and this really brings tears to my eyes. It seems like only yesterday when she was born. And to top it off everyone keeps saying this will be her last single digit birthday, I know this and it is such a milestone. There is a childrens book written by Karen Kingsbury, I can't quite think of the name but it talks about all the last things our kids do, the last time they take a bottle, or cry when you leave them, or the last time they need you to tie their shoes, the things we don't ever think about being their last, It really puts our children growing up into perpesctive, It made me cry:) Anyways I totally relate with you on this, What a blessing from the Lord each birthday is, but at the same time it leaves longing in my heart. Have a great day!!! Brandie