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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Do You Mean No Pictures!

I know, I know! I promise I've not lost it! The picture Junkie was on a wonderfully productive nature walk with her children and caught a glimpse of Goober Boy standing in the sunlight on the shore. She took a breath and just knew it would be a great black and white for the mantle at home. So she draws her trusty camera from her backpack and flips the on switch. She screams inside from frustration! She flips the switch off, then on again. Blasted thing's batteries are dead. Picture Junkie NEVER is without back up batteries...that is until today.
I kicked myself the whole time and almost let it ruin the excursion! The kids collected little shells on the shore and we sketched some. We wiggled our toes in the water. Correction, Lillie and I wiggled our toes (cause we are know). Jackson refused to take his boots off and just stuck them in. Chloe, always the overachiever, sat down in the water. By the way, people who say the cheapy diapers aren't as absorbant as others...ya'll are just missin' out! That Dollar General Market Diaper just about dried up the lake! Well, at least it seemed like it did. Well, we went to the playground and Chloe ate some sand. After that, I took the kids to blow their allowance. For about a month Lillie has been doing dishes and mopping the kitchen floor and Jack has been feeding and watering Tucker, so I've given them stickers that are worth 25 cents a piece. I may have to lower that rate, as they are bleedin' my wallet dry! Lillie had $5.00 and has been wanting a pink backpack at the Dollar store. It was $5.00 exactly about a month ago. Well, imagine her excitement to find out it was on sale for $3.50 and she had enough money for a candy bar and a princess pen and paper set! Jack had $2.00 and he, of course, bought two Hot Wheels cars and a Tootsie Roll, which he reluctantly had to share with Chloe! It was so neat to see their faces . Especially Lillie who had been looking forward to getting the backpack and worked hard. And to see that her hardwork paid off made her happy! In fact, she has not taken it off and it's been about 3 hours! I'm gonna try my bestest to work in the basics today in school and get the back bedroom organized into a school area. It's just too cramped in the dining room and I hate that it always looks junky in there while we're in session.
Have a great day!

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  1. Wow what a productive day! I just love the dollar general market! Will have to try those diapers!(even though she can pee in the potty!) Now you know my frustration for the past I don't know say 9 months with NO camera! Mine died after I left it in my vehicle overnight because of moisture. But my dh bought me one this weekend thats even better and I love it! Did you get your organizing done? talk at ya later