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Saturday, September 20, 2008

My "New" Old Neglected Blog...

Some time ago, I had it upon my heart to create a blog in honor of the powerful preached Word of God called "Fire In The Churchouse". After only two , I stopped posting. Wanna hear my excuse? I couldn't figure out how to post MP3 messages I had personally recorded of some of my favorite local preachers. I wanted them to play directly from the site, but never could get it up and running. Still haven't figured out a way to do it, but I have heard some great sermons over the last 5 years since my salvation that I can post, so I'm gonna do it and stop neglecting my other brain child. So, if you like good, hard preaching... the kind that leaves you licking your wounds and praising the Lord at the same time, jump on over there and check it out. My heartfelt apologies to the Lord for draggin' my feet...


  1. Going on over there now. Thank you for your comment and for sharing from a personal experience that you have been through. The Lord is really ministering to me through all of my blog friends.

    Thank you for being an encouragement!

  2. Not a problem, that's what I'm here to do. To brighten a day, to encourage someone, that makes life worthwhile and pleases our heavenly Father...