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Monday, September 22, 2008

What's Happening?

Well, today was supposed to be my cleaning and planning day. I emphasize supposed to be... I had such good intentions. Well, I was scrubbing the living room floor this morning when my husband called to tell me I needed to bring him his wallet at school. Then, my dad called and wanted to eat lunch at the park, which I jumped at, cause I like my dad pretty good . (Not to say I don't like my husband, I do or I wouldn't have fixed my hair to go give him his wallet :) So off I went (of course I realize that makes it seem like it's effortless with my crew to get out of the house. It is not, it takes either a miracle or an act of Congress, either way it's not easy.) Dropped lunch off for the hubster, then bought some cheeseburgers and drinks and met up with dad at a little park that has an arboretum and nice paved walking trail. Was a great day, walked a whole lot and some of it was in direct sunlight, which was killer on the kids cause they got tired and hot and CRANKY. Managed to make it with no meltdowns, though. No school today on account of cleaning that I didn't get done. I'll have to finish up tommorrow and just cover the basics in school. Friday, we started our Native American Unit and Lapbook, Here are pics of the first section of our lapbook that was all about the different houses the Native Americans lived in. We started reading the first three sections of Red Feather and discussed them, as well. Lillie has mastered the first two lists of Dolch Sight Words and did a 20 question Domino Math worksheet to practice her addition and give her a little break from her Math Mammoth.

Here's the pics from today's nature walk. Jack is not mad here contrary to his body language. He was baffled trying to find out where the airplane was that he was hearing.

Okay, I am convinced that I need to put a new feature on here called "BUSTED" cause I'm forever stumbling upon my children doing odd, sometime death defying, sometimes funny things. Like this...Yes folks, it's true. He's a ... DOUBLE DIPPER! That kid sure knows how to ruin a perfectly good jar of jelly!

Then there's little Miss Laundry...if I ever get her trained right, I'll be one hugely blessed mama!

And finally, due to circumstances Lillie will again have two birthday parties, one for Jody's side and one for my side. Lillie closely shares birthdays with Taylor, my sister's 4th little girl, so the last two years, we've combined parties so all the family can come. Well, here's the pics from this last Sunday at Jody's mom and dad's house. One of these days after my shame wears off, I'll have to post the "teachable moment" I experienced over the cake I made. Here's the picture of it before it melted in my hot car in the church parking lot...

And then here's Lillie Anna at her party...God bless her little heart, she didn't even notice or care that the cake looks completely pitiful. She was just as excited as she was that morning when she saw it in all it's glory. One thing I've learned, kids don't stress about stuff like we do. So that's your catch-up fix... Have a blessed day!


  1. She is just so pretty Della! Yeah and they really don't care what it looks like as long as the icing taste good and wears good you know!

  2. Well, it certainly did wear, though I'm not sure how good it was. I bought gel food coloring instead of writing icing. Didn't quite make the connection til I got the death look from my mother-in-law...God bless her for putting up with me!

  3. Oh Della! you are so funny! Hey at least you can back a cake AND decorate it!