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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ain't We Cultured?

Today was good, today was fun. Tommorrow is another one! Dr. Seuss.

Yesterday,feeling as if we lacked culture in our lives I took Lillie to see Seussical the Musical. Dr. Seuss is right up my alley right now in this season of life, being without many brain cells. I find the repetition and rhyming to be calming... I've read Green Eggs and Ham so many times, I have it memorized. Dr. Seuss is culture...I just didn't say what kind of culture. I mean, really, Dr. Seuss can open up so many conversational opportunities and reveal many life lessons. You look skeptical...

Okay, for instance. Green Eggs and Ham...the importance of cleaning out your fridge. Very important life concept. Horton Hears a Who...when you hear little voices that no one else seems to hear...tell an adult and get some counseling. The Cat in the Hat...don't open the door for strangers and don't let a talking cat with no fashion sense tell you what to do . Oh the Thinks You Can Think...think all you can while your young, cause once you have children of your own, you lose the ability. See what I mean? All kidding aside, had a nice time , though. I always like to watch what amazes my children. I don't get it alot of times, but as we grow older, we shed that sense of wonder we once overflowed with. It was good to spend time with my oldest daughter who sat totally still and never even blinked once. We will start assembling parts of our Pilgrim lapbook today and I'll post our progress. Have a great day and don't forget to walk thankfully today!!!!!


  1. My 2 year old sat through it and didn't hardly move / anything that makes him do that has to be good! My 6 yr old really liked it too! I was actually surprised it was so good. Maybe next time we meet we will both know it. Haha

  2. Oh Della you are so goos for me:) You always make me laugh with your wonderful ability to see the funny reality is all things. Hope you guys are doing well, We really do need to plan a play date together, maybe us moms could make it a lapbooking party, you know like a scrap booking party, Joy and I both would benefit from you insight in this area. See-ya Later Brandie

  3. Ha ha I misspelled the word good, sorry B

  4. Ooooh, lapbooking party! That's a great idea...I love it! I would be thrilled to sit around and compare war stories over gluesticks and cardstock...Maybe I'm weird like that, but I need SOCIALIZATION!