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Monday, November 24, 2008

I Found It!

Yippee-Skippy! That's all I can say. My children managed to find my camera charger several weeks ago and ...misplaced it. My battery ran out last week, so I've been in a state of near panic hunting for it. Well, Friday I was feeling industrious and had just done a devotion on the evils of idleness and decided to switch the kids's rooms. The girls are now in the bigger room and Jack has the smaller one. Well, lo and behold , under the girl's bed was the charger and I did a happy dance that I pray none of you has to see. With all that said, as I 've mentioned we've been studying the pilgrims. We've done some activities, but mostly reading. Today and tommorrow I plan on wrapping up the 4 or so projects we didn't get to. Here's the books we've used in our study...
The Naughty Little Pilgrim by Wilma Pitchford Hayes (This is a very historically accurate story of Little John Billington who came across the Mayflower with his family. Now, I find history fascinating. William Bradford wrote that their was no family that caused more trouble than the Billington's. Little JOhn and his brother Francis nearly blew up the Mayflower by firing off some muskets in the gun room. Not real bright... Little John decided to disobey and got lost in the woods and taken in by some Indians. However, that particular outcome was really beneficial to the Pilgrims. I also found out from one of our other books that John Billington's father was executed for murder. The Billington's may very well have been the first organized crime family in the New World...Ha! Reading this story , I couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity... a chill really. That little boy sounded sooooo familiar...OHHHHHH wait, yeah, this goober.
The Three Little Pilgrims by Cheryl Harness
On the Mayflower by Kate Waters
The Pilgrims and Me by ...shoot. No, not shoot. Shoot as in I can't remember that lady's name! Oh well, not worth losing another braincell over.
Squanto's Journey by Joseph Brucac
The Thanksgiving Story by Alice Dagliesh (Which I plan on reading tommorrow night when we count our blessings from the blessing box.)
We have mostly been lapbooking and , man, I'll be so glad when I can trust my children with glue and scissors unattended so they can start doing these. It is so much work, of course, I think I tend to overdo it in my zealousness...Here's the finished product minus the cover cause we ain't done that yet.
OK, this is the flippy window diagram of the Mayflower I made and the most involved element of the lap book as it required alot of air brushing, number typing and knife cutting. It turned out nice though and I was pleased I didn't slice my finger off with the exacto knife.
Here's a flippy flappy book that has some common phrases and their Pilgrim translation. My buddy Joy actually had her children speak pilgrim for a day and I thought that was super neat!This is a mini fan book of our bible verses... By the way before you, I am not a professional hand model, though I get that alot :) That was sarcasm, by the way.This is a flippy flappy book on "Thanks" in many languages.This is a clip art of a travel trunk that I made into a pocket and placed cards with the items that the Pilgrims took. The Pilgrims probably used a book written by those who had already traveled to the New World as a guide. It's pretty neat to try and figure out what the items are being that they were written how they sounded and in olde English.The second pocket has a list of things Lillie would take to the New World. Her princess backpack, baby doll and cheese crackers were some of the must have's for this little traveler.
On the side flaps are shutter books of the clothes that the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag wore. The middle section is made up of some pics and brief bios of some of the more notable pilgrims.Moving on along, this was the humdinger, let me tell you. Thankfully Lilllie Anna glued most of the pieces on. It seems rather plain, doesn't it? Well, looks can be decieving...This is just a closeup of sorta how it looks. And this is just a section of....THIS...and it keeps going as well. I really liked the idea of an illustrated time line being that Lillie can't read fluently and the pics help her recall the events.The text of the Mayflower Compact and it's signers...Facts about turkeys. I wanted to make this a fan book, but couldn't find any brads...guess that means one of the kids ate them...An accurate depiction of what food was served at the Harvest Feast. Hate to break it to you die hard pumpkin pie wasn't on the menu. Neither was that jellied cranberry sauce or sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. Hope I didn't just kill Thanksgiving.Well, I've been knitting like a mad woman trying to finish my Christmas projects. Here's the hat I made Lillie and , well, she loves it. So much so that she wears it around the house. Doesn't she look like a little orphan from a Dicken's novel? No post would be complete without a picture of Chloe eating.Will have some fun projects for you tommorrow. Hope ya'll have a Praise filled Thanksgiving week!


  1. it is so funny how my lists make you tired (that was you right?)... your CRAFTS exhaust me. lol!!! isn't it funny how a person's makeup makes certain things easy breezy and other things overwhelming? I love lapbooks in theory but the TIME and THOUGHT that goes into them... I just can't begin to see it happening around here the way things are...

  2. Once again I feel ashamed. With all the other things I have to do with abs school work I just have not got to spend verymuch time on thanksgiving at all, I do however plan on changing that this week, while we may not get to go into as much detail as ya'll did we will most certainly have several lessons this week on thanksgiving. I am also glad that you found your charger. Its alsmost like getting a birthday present ain't it!!! Brandie

  3. Prairie Chick: I am convinced I have carpal tunnel in my wrist and I find myself mumbling things like "Knit 2 , Purl3" for no reason! It's somewhat of a curse to be crafty!
    Brandie:It really was a great gift, cause I thought I was gonna have to go out and plunk down money to buy a new one. I am lost without my camera. It allows me to compile pictures that will potentially embarass my children in front of their friends and spouses someday, thus allowing me the revenge that all parents are entitled too!