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Friday, November 14, 2008

All Stitched Up!

Well, it was bound to happen to the little guy. I mean, it's only by a miracle of Almighty God that he made it 3 years incident. Yep, little Goober's got 5 stitches. He slipped and hit the coffee table, gashing his eyelid open. I wasn't panicked by the injury as much as I was the prospect of taking my doctor-hating son to the emergency room. I can not stress to you enough how horrible an experience it is to take Jackson to the doctor. He panicked while we buckled him in the car, he panicked all the way to the hospital, he panicked in the parking lot, he panicked at the registration counter ,he panicked in the triage, and he panicked anytime anyone in scrubs looked his way. All this panicking BEFORE they had to restrain him by wrapping him in a sheet, like a little (did I mention, panicky?) king Tut and sew up his eyelid. We bribed and we shushed and we shushed and we bribed. But let me tell you, if you've never had to hold one of your children down while they scream at high decibels and thrash around in have yet to completely experience parenthood. Jody got a little too much experience, I think, when Jack lost complete bladder control and wet all over him! Man, I've been there...more times than I want to admit. It took one nurse to hold his head and both me and Jody to hold him still on the table. The doc was fabulously quick , however (I think maybe he sensed that my son is a whole different breed of patient, the kind that leave you wishing you'd been a lawyer.) He had a sense of humor, making some little joke about going to see the ear doctor the next day ( now that I think about it, he wasn't smiling when he said it...maybe he was serious.) I sure hope he doesn't sue us! Anyway, we were only at the hospital like and hour and a half which was a miracle within itself and the little goober got a dandy hospital bracelet, stickers, a popsicle , a Sprite and one of his small Christmas presents out of the deal. The kid racked up on the goods! It's a shame how a parent will grovel and carry on when trying to calm a doctor-phobe. Thanks to my brother in law Denny and parent's in law for being here at the house and staying with the girls. Much extra thanks to my mother in law who came over and stayed with me yesterday and risked her life to clean out my closets. She did a great job, even convincing my father in law to take my 12 or so totes of kids clothes to his house! She's very persuasive. She even let me go out...ALONE for a couple of hours. Praise the Lord for a mother in law who can turn drill sergent Nannie in a few seconds and whip these puny kids into shape! I only have one beef...she seemed dead set on leaving me with a basket of socks to sort and mate...oh well, beggers can't be choosy! Have a blessed, stitch free day!


  1. I totally feel your pain, when abs was 6 her and a couple of friends were playing and she would up with split lip, literally, her lip was split wide open and we had to take her to the er for stitches and she was terrile too, they wrapped her up in one of those papooses and then I had to hold her down while they stitched her lip, she kicked and screamed and Oh my Lord you would have thought she was dieing, it was an experience I hope I never have to repeat, but with 2 boys I am sure I will. I hope that jackson gets well soon, if you need anything just let me know. Brandie,

  2. Poor Little guy and too bad he has to go back in 7 days to get them out! We haven't had stitches yet at this house and well you know they are probably around the corner. Just one of those kids things! I hope he has had an easy day today! Think someone would give us an early Christmas present if we go and get ourselves hurt? Nada! We would have to work hurt..not worth trying..may back fire but worth the though huh!

  3. oh my, I feel for you. That must have been terrible having to hold him down for that. My boy hasn't had stitches yet, but he did break his arm by falling into a septic tank hole. He feel about 5 or 6 ft, ( it was just the hole no septic in there yet! )