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Monday, November 10, 2008

Just One of Those Days...

Ever have em? My children are cranky and rowdy and looking for a fight...the housework seems much to do and seemingly not enough time to do it...I'm wondering if the Lord wasn't having an off day when he decided I was fit to be a mother (okay, I'm kidding on that one).
Still, as much as I want to yank every single hair out of my head this morning, I am reminded of something a man said to me in the grocery store a week or so back and my reply. See, so often we talk idealistically about our lives to others, yet we seem to forget we said those things later on when the heat is on. I'm sure I'm not the only mother of more than one child that gets this at the store. You're in the check out and your kids are doing what they do best...make a lousy first impression. Some well-meaning person says to you..."My! You sure do have your hands full!" I'm sorry...but I get SOOOOOO TIRED of hearing that. Some people aren't trying to be judgemental or mean, but others , you can just hear the disdain in their voices. Wondering why anyone would want to have that many kids, even if all you have is 2. One such man asked me this question on one of those days when I was poised to talk back and in a pretty good mood . "You sure do have your hands full!" "Yep."was my sophisticated reply. "It's better than having empty hands." He didn't say anything else to me...just smiled that smile people give you when they think you're nuts.
Today, I am reminded of those words that came out of my mouth. It was easy to say it then, but hard to keep it in mind on a day like today when everything is chaotic and I just want to find a dark closet and shut myself in for a couple of hours! But I have to admit...I prefer my hands to be full. I am aware of how quiet my life would be without them. And for all their bad days and bad habits, they have just as many good days and good habits sometimes as well. I just tend to focus only on the bad ones I suppose. I am keenly aware that if I'd focus more on those times they are doing the good, that the bad things and bad days stay in better perspective. The perspective of the verse in Psalms 127 "Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward." My children...a reward? Whatever contest I won, I'm not entering again :) All kidding aside, it's the truth. I'd be part empty without my children. They are such a part of me and my life, such a chunk of what the Lord has in store for me, I can't and refuse to imagine life without them ever being in it. Even if they are gone tommorrow, I am better because they have been in my life. Thank You Lord for these little monsters!


  1. Somedays can just be so hard! Most days are great, but somedays you just want to run away. Here is a verse I recite over and over to myself on those days.

    "You were wearied by all your ways, but you would not say "It is hopeless."' You found renewel of your strength and so you did not faint. Isaiah 57:10

    I think every mother can relate to that verse!!

  2. I know what you mean Della and so greatly put! Not everyone can be Beaver Cleavers mother right! They are a blessing even in there hard trying times. My mother tells me all the time "you will miss these days" sometimes I think yeah Ok how can I miss the tantrums,snot noses,screams,fist fights,messy little moments? She says one day you will have utter silence like me then see how it makes you feel about all those noisy days. MAkes a mom think. They are a blessing I thank God for mine as well! Thanks for this reminder today..hopefully you will have a better day tomorrow! Call me sometime this week. I have to go to dr. tomorrow at vandy but will be home the rest of the week maybe we can get together for a play day somewhere!

  3. I had the older two shipped off to Nannie's on Saturday. I spent the day Christmas shopping and was fine. But then I got home and after a couple of hours, Jody and I were looking around,like "This ain't right. Too quiet." We didn't like the silence one bit. It's nice every once in awhile, but wouldn't want it for a long period of time.

  4. Hey I had one of those days yesterday too. No kidding, my kids woke up ready to fight and that is all they did till I called their dad. Which it is rare that I do that so that lets you know just how crazy our day was. But after a 1 1/2 hr nap we were all in a better mood and that made for a great ending to the day. I think sometimes these bad days are brought on more by me as a mom and my reactions or requests rather than my kids behaviours, I think that I sometimes approach things with the wrong attitude and that makes it come across to them differently than I intended, If I'm in a tizzy and rush around my days seem to be so much worse, if I'm tired than I have little patience, you know things like that, but hey we make from one day to the next, I guess thats why I am so thankful for grace, and mercy and that it is new everyday because somedays I need more of it than others. Brandie

  5. Well put, Brandie! The mother truly is the thermostat for the home!!!!

  6. oh what wonderful fun and inspiring thoughts here today! You deserve every ounce of the Smile Award you've been granted today... come check it out

    (no strings attached, take it, leave it, put it on display or pass it on... whatever turns your crank)