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Friday, November 7, 2008

And the Journey Begins...

This is one of those catch-up posts I'm bad to do. Kinda just a summary of what we've been into this week. Lillie has officially memorized the Old Testament books of the Bible, so we were able to mark that off our goal sheet for the year. We have started our Thanksgiving unit this week, and though circumstances caused us to miss two days, we've still learned alot.
Wednesday we read Kate Water's "On the Mayflower" and talked a little about why the Pilgrims came here and discussed the book. Lillie did the virtual tour of the Mayflower off the Scholastic site.We did a coloring page and Anna did her copywork of Psalms 92:1. We decorated our family blessing box, which , I think is going to be a very special project for our family. Every night at dinner, we each put in what we are thankful for that day. Then when we have our little Thanksgiving with just us, we will "count" our blessings and read them aloud.
In this unit, I really wanted to focus, not so much on the facts of the Pilgrims journey(though they will have their place), but on the providential hand of God in their circumstances. How this country's history would be changed if the Pilgrim's had not been so brave! Some of the children on the Mayflower weren't even traveling with their parents. Other's left children and other family behind to make the dangerous journey. Though snares and difficulties , sickness and heartaches came their way, they pressed on, believing in the plan God had for them. Today I introduced the kids to a compass and the four basic directions. Captains had to chart their courses using compasses, maps and the stars. They had to be really good at math! I knew there was I reason I never was a ship captain (that and I sink better than I swim). I made a large compass out of masking tape and I told the kids to stand in the middle. Then I'd shout out directions and they'd have to turn their bodies that direction. The faster I got, the more the turning became hopping. It was quite amusing...

I drew a crude and simple map of our neighborhood and some of the places we go .(cause I can't draw all that great) and let them tell me what direction we go to go to the bank, grocery, library, etc. Lillie filled in a compass rose worksheet and then we made a puppet of the Mayflower. The ship came from the site and I just attached a dowel rod to the back and made the background out of construction paper, only glueing the waves on the sides so the bottom was left free to thread the puppet through. The kids thought it was super neat...

Did a good object lesson for bible time this morning. Read in Matthew 7:13-14 where it talks about the strait and narrow way. Then read Hebrews 12:1 where the writer tells us to lay aside the weight and sin that so easily besets us. I made a line of masking tape on the floor (yes, again! It's the new duct tape!) and had the kids walk it with their arms out to the sides ala balance beam. I explained that the line is the narrow path that leads to God. Though a challenge to stay on it, it still wasn't impossible. Then, I made the kids balance a small book in each hand as they walked the line. It became a little more difficult. Then I kept adding books until they couldn't take anymore. Lillie said,"Momma! Those books are too heavy, I can't stay on the path!" I then explained that the books are like sin. They weigh us down, they separate us from God and they make it hard to stay on the path. It was a challenge to walk the line without the books, but it was easier than trying to walk it weighed down. We can walk it if it's just us and God! I then told the kids to throw down the books and walk the line again, explaining that if we repent and ask the Lord to help us get rid of those sins, he'll do it and we can once again travel the path easier.
Here are some random pics over the last week...Christmas shopping is HARD WORK!She looks real spiritual, but she's actually just asleep on the Lord!Here are two pages from our Solar System book kinda showing how we used notebooking. I created the sheets myself and we added a lapbook mini book with facts to each page. You can see, the kids had to color in the planet showing one unique characteristic of each planet to help with recollection. Here is Jupiter and the Great Red Spot...And Saturn with it's rings...Swinging on trees...

More Pilgrim excitement to follow! Have a blessed day!


  1. Della that is truly amazing! I cried about the sin on the narrow path...Wow how touching if we get weighed down by sin how we it harder to travel on the straight and narrow..will be borrowing this for my kids! Wow....thats all I can say you have done great!

  2. Wish I could take credit for it, but I got the idea off of another site. It was a good illustration for a very important point.

  3. Thanks for the lapbook site abs will love it. I just love the analogy on the straight and narrow, this will make a great lesson at home as well as in sunday school. You definitly stay busy. But it look as if you are doing a great job of it. I am so thankful God allowed our paths to cross again, because you have been an inspriation(bad spelling) to me. brandie

  4. I'm humbled, girls. I really am...