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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Boy Meets Bovine

This is Cow. Cow is the object of affection for Jackson. Lillie recieved Cow on her 2nd birthday and , in Cow's younger days, she sang "Old Macdonald Had A Farm". But as she grew older, Lillie tired of her. Enter Jackson Cole. He sorta adopted Cow. Jody, in a desperate attempt to keep his sanity on vacation, did emergency surgery in the car to remove her voice box. I stitched her up as best I could. But she has been thrown into the washing machine so much, that she has lost most of her fluff. But, true love is blind and Jackson doesn't seem to mind that she isn't what she used to be. The relationship between Jackson and Cow is... cute. One morning, I caught him laying in front of the door in the sunlight telling Cow how much he loved her and that she was a good "buddy". He was so charming, Cow was rendered speechless. Cow eats with Jack, sleeps with Jack,rides in the car with Jack. They are inseparable. And if you think I'm exagerating... check out these pictures.

See, told you it was cute!


  1. That is so funny!! It's going to be a sad, sad day when that thing comes out of the washer in a million pieces of fluff.

  2. Della that is so cute! You are a great storyteller. :)