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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tree Huggin' and Leaf Rubbin'

Today we headed off to Oak Ridge for our first field trip. We visited the UT Arboretum today to take the kids on a nature walk and sketching trip. Thanks to my dad for driving me and my crew today. It was overcast and slightly cool... perfect weather to take a walk out into God's creation. I was reminded today of the blessings that God has given us. So many ugly things in this world today, it's easy to focus on the bad and overlook the good. I was reminded today of the beauty of God's handiwork. The kids did unbelieviably well today considering it was a fairly long walk (as far as out of shape mothers are concerned). My sister, as usual, did a wonderful job "teaching" the kids here and there. Chloe slept in the carrier the whole time, which has wrecked my back. I didn't even realize how long the walk was because it was so pleasant. Here are the pictures. Thanks to dad for letting me use his camera, as the batteries in mine were dead.

We had a pretty good collection of dwarfs ourselves. Hah!
Chloe looks broken in this picture, but she's just asleep, folks. I assure you

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