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Thursday, October 4, 2007

How Now Brown Cow

Today, we continued to read stories from Clara Dillingham Pierson's "Among the Farmyard People". Today's story was called "The Oxen Talk with the Calves". I was so surprised how much scientific information is packed into these stories. It told in good detail how the cow digests it's food, that it has four "stomachs" (now considered 4 digestive compartments contained in one stomach) and what it means to "chew cud". Lillie Anna had a great time demonstrating how the cow sounds when it "regurgitates" it's food. The story also had a great moral to it as well. The Baldwin Project has all of Mrs. Pierson's books on animals and they are delightful to say the least. We made a cow puppet out of paper plates.

Lillie played two computer games, one for reading practice and one for math.

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