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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Coming to Our Senses Part One

We embarked on a unit study of our five senses today. Actually , last night on the way to the grocery store, I had the kids call out things they touched, tasted, heard, saw or smelled. Today was basically a general overview of the five senses. What they are and what parts of our body are used for the different senses. Today, we read "The Livingstone Mouse" which was a nice book about a mouse that uses all his five senses to find a place to build his future nest. It was cute. We glued strips of colored tissue paper to a coloring page of a mouse that I had cut out the eyes, ears and tummy to make a stained glass-like project.

We played a nice little math game called "Feed The Mouse" which was great to practice counting and number recognition for both Lillie and Jack. I printed out the mouse template and added a small paper plate to the back to make a sort of mouth to hold the cookies better.

Saturday, I had a "day off". Pam had the two oldest and my wonderful mom kept Chloe. Dad and I took off on a photo expedition. I'll post a few of the pics that I took here...

If you'd like to see all the pictures, check the link in the post below for my photo site Image Remix Studio
Finally, here are two pictures of Chloe...

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