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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Get To The Pointillism!

Well, today was a light day, like everyday. With a three year old and a two year old who have the attention spans of one knat combined, you squeeze in what you can between sudden outbursts of energy. Lillie did Dominoe Math using my cheap index card oversized dominoes. She draws a dominoe, counts the dots on one side, then the other and enters those numbers onto a worksheet. She then adds the numbers using counters of some sort or a numberline. I adapt this so Jack can play too and just let him count the dots.
Then I tried a different approach with Lillie's reading lesson. After reading Karen Andreola the other day (she's so great!)I realized the perks of not only teaching Lillie phonics but also utilizing her amazing memory and combining phonics with sight reading. So, I took her memory verse for this week, wrote it on her dry erase board, then read it through and had her repeat each word as I pointed. Then I wrote each word of her memory verse on a separate post it note and had her arrange it in order to form the sentence, then read the sentence to me. It worked great and she seemed to like it better than the drudgery of a lesson. Well, then we decided that we hadn't painted in awhile so we looked at some paintings by Georges Seurat who was a master at the technique of pointillism.
Here's our paintings using Q-tips.

Here's the finished products. Mine is on the left, Jack's is top right and Lillie is bottom right.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Franme worthy for sure! Check out my links on my blog as I have an article about whole reading on there.

  2. Della I did this with the boys last week too. We were talking about Seurat looking at his pictures. Connor did a good job at following the example but Ben did it his own way which is great but it was more like smearillism instead! :)