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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Missing the Most Important Thing

Well, I tell ya, there are times as a mom that God speaks to me through my children. Last week, I was reading the kids the story of Joseph from the bible. I read a portion everyday and quizzed them on what I had read (to see if they paid attention) Well, when I asked Lillie what she knew about Joseph, she said "Well, his brothers throwed him in a pit. And... there was no water in the pit. And God took care of Joseph." "That's all?" I asked "After five days that's all you know?" I was prodding for more details about the story. Well, later on she was relating what she knew to Jody and I made the remark again that I couldn't believe that was all she got out of the story. Then Jody said "Well, at least she remembers the most important part." OUCH! He was right. The details of the story were irrelevant compared to the nugget of truth it reveals. That God took care of Joseph and he takes care of His people. Lillie got it!
Which got the old rusty gears a workin'.
Sometimes , I get so caught up in the excitement of what my children are gonna learn (academically speaking)that I sometimes fail to teach them the most important things. The way I see it, even if my kids become the most successful people (as far as the world is concerned)if I fail to teach them God's word, proclaim his Gospel, share my testimony, and live what I teach, then I have failed as a mother and as the educator of my children. So ,I've been praying everyday "God, let me show Jesus to my children today. Let me teach them the truths of your word and how much you love them."

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  1. sentiments exactly... glad to have you on the bandwagon and yes, it is addictive. Kinda' like your own personal little world where everyhting is as you want it. I call it therapy, really...