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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What We've Been Up To

Once again, I've slacked and not posted anything till the last minute! I'm waiting on my ink cartridge which has stalled my plans for schoolwork. I had wanted to start our unit on Johnny Appleseed and apples this week. The kids have been listening to an audio reading of a Johnny Appleseed story and we carved our Granny Apples because they take about two weeks to completely dry. Here's a picture of what they look like now and I'll be posting pictures as they change. I had to carve Jackson's because he kept trying to eat it and helped Anna with hers. Pioneer children often made dolls from dried apples.

Here's the ladies together. Look closely and you can see their faces. The one on the left is Jack's, the right is Lillie's.

Onto Art Now. On Saturday we had a paint free for all that started out with the intention of being organized. We were going to straw paint which is where you blow paint around on the paper with a straw. But, Lillie wasn't able to blow really hard and Jack sucked up more paint than he put on the paper. So, I broke out the rubber stamps, brushes, and the... Nasal Aspirator. Yes, I said Nasal Aspirator. I have found a meaningful use for those aspirators that don't work like they ought to. Here's the pics of the carnage!

This is Anna's

This is Jack's

Here's Jody doing his impersonation of a pack mule. Doesn't he seem thrilled?

Here's a sweet picture of big and lil' sis. Anna has been feeding Chloe for me and has even rocked her to sleep several times. And today, Lillie scrubbed the kitchen floors with me... and actually liked it! How twisted is that?

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