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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Some Pretty Shady Characters

Well, we took a break from our study on shadows today because it is too hot to breathe outside. But we played a rolicking game of Dominoes , which I made out of index cards because I'm too cheap to buy a real set. And besides, Jack would just throw them all around the room and lose them. Lillie really liked it and she got some really good counting practice from it. We also added the dots on each domino and used them as counting cards to practice one-to one correspondence with Jack. But here are the pictures from yesterday's activity, where we learned that our shadows would change their length as the sun rose higher in the sky and that it is, in fact, true that the sun is at its highest point at noon. The findings of our investigation conclude that.

This is Chloe, who could care less about her shadow since she can't drink it out of a bottle.

And these are our "official" results.

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  1. What a neat idea Della!! Looks like you and your crew are good, Chloe is adorable. :)