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Monday, August 13, 2007

It's My Party and I'll Stomp a Spider If I Want To!

Back from the weekend. My birthday was Saturday and I'm the big 2-7. Thanks to my wonderful parents for throwing me the shindig. Dad took the kids and I on a tractor ride which is a custom for us to do whenever we are up there. There in the woods was a funnel weaver spider web. I got a picture of the web and it was totally cool looking. I had never seen a web that looks like it defied gravity.

Then, it hit me. Where there is a web, there is usually a spider and the only spiders that I like are dead ones and even those give me the creeps. However, funnel weaver spiders in North America are low risk to humans, so that redeems them a bit. This is what they look like.

And here are some pictures from our visit.

This is my grandmother with all 7 of her great grandchildren. Now that is a brave woman!

Chloe's a real party animal, isn't she!

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