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Monday, August 20, 2007

Time to Play Catch-up

I've been a slacker the last week. Now I'm paying for it. I have alot of great pictures to post and alot of things to get off my chest. So, here is a grab bag of pics from the last week.

Life Skills: Auto Mechanics 101: In which Jackson learns the result of leaving the door open on your mother-in-law's minivan. Sorry Pam!

Does this picture make anyone else uneasy, or is it just me????

Jackson in his "happy place"

Now onto Mimi and Papa's House where the children engaged in a game of "Let's Go Fish" which , by the way, is not as easy to play as it looks.

This is Chloe, who likes dolls...

Until they fall on top of her.

Some kids play video games or frolic in the yard. My kids watch the dough spin around in the bread machine.

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