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Thursday, September 20, 2007

And You Thought Your Last Roadtrip Was a Nightmare...

Yeah, I'm a blogging maniac tonite. Here's what we did today. I read "Apples To Oregon" by Deborah Hopkinson which is loosely based on the true story of Henderson Luelling, the man that brought edible fruit to Oregon. You thought five hours in a car with no airconditioning, kids with penny sized bladders on your way to a family reunion was bad... This man took his wife and all eight of his children with a covered wagon for them and one filled with fruit trees to blaze the Oregon Trail. That's like, 5 states with no MP3 player or IPods(Oh how spoiled we are). Well, so I let the kids watch a video of a Prarie Schooner (or covered wagon). Jackson was uninterested until he noticed the thing had wheels. Then, while Jackson took a nap, me and Lillie set out to make the flashiest prairie schooner eva'! It was pink, as usual. Here's the pictures of Lillie painting her schooner (can you tell I love to say that word?)

Painting the Wheels

Painting the Top

Painting the wagon...

1 empty Velveeta Box, Four Juicy Juice bottle caps, construction paper, and lots of paint later... TADA!!!!

This was my little contribution.

Lillie has become obsessed with watching people play the piano on YOU TUBE. She is especially curious of anything by Chopin. Here's a link to her favorite Chopin song
Lillie says "that girl can play!!!" This is what Jackson thinks of Chopin... yes, he is sitting up!

And for those of you who think Chloe doesn't exist anymore, here's the latest picture.

In Closing, Thanks to my good friend Teresa Cavender. The kids love their "new" stools!


  1. Cute pictures! What a great project... I'm going to have to have dad save his Velveeta boxes for when we study the pioneers. Great job, guys!!

  2. Yeah, cuz we can't afford to buy the cheese ourselves, right?

  3. I'm so glad the kids love their new stools! Way to go on the schooner! I like to say that word too! :o)