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Monday, September 24, 2007

Tea Time!

Jody and I bought Lillie a tea set for her birthday. I love tea parties (unless it means dressing up and talking in a bad British accent). See, my idea of a "tea party" was crafted throughout childhood. My dad would take us to a graveyard on summer days and we'd sit in the back of his truck (in the graveyard)and eat candy bars and drink cokes(well, he and Leila drank, I backwashed). How's that for tea time manners, Emily Post? When Leila and I (see, mom, I do listen to your grammar advice.)would go to Georgia to spend a week with our grandparents, we'd always have "10:00 Tea" which always consisted of fig newtons and coke. So, you see, I know a little something about tea parties. Lillie was chomping at the bit to get to use the set. So, I filled the teapot up with Hawaiian Punch and busted out the Snicker's Miniatures. We had a wonderful tea party. And Lillie, who usually is not the best sharer in the world, actually served her brother and I tea very graciously.
She learned a valuable lesson today and didn't even know it! Now, Jackson, on the other hand, has the tea manners of his momma. A picture speaks a thousand words...
Here's the little gentleman not raising his pinky but (gasp!) using both hands to slurp (double gasp)his tea.

Here, in typical boy fashion, he dumps his tea into his plate...

And then proceeds to dump it onto the table and promptly exit the kitchen. Party over.

I guess you can't much blame him, it's hard being the only boy. Not enough testosterone in this house!

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