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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Partying All Weekend

Birthday partying with kids , that is. It's been a great weekend. Good food, good fun, lots of family to share the good fun with. A BIG thanks to my big sis Leila for loaning us her house to mess up for my daughter's birthday party! She's such a good sport, you know! Makes good spaghetti too. Anyway, Saturday we doubled up birthday parties for Lillie and Taylor. Taylor turned 1. Lillie turned 4. Thanks to Uncle Jim and Aunt Dona for bringing Grandmother up so we could all enjoy the time together. Here's some pics...
Walkin' some more...
Still walkin'!

Chalkin' Up the Place
Safety first!
Doesn't she remind you of the little guy that always gets stuck setting off the dynamite???

Okay! Now, today after church the Davis Bunch crammed into my house for a little party. Here's some pics...

This is the flip-flop cake I decorated at 2 am Sunday morning before I scrubbed my bathroom... again. All because I drank too much coffee Saturday night at Leila's.

Notice how the '4' candle seems slightly deformed. I didn't have anything to light the candle with, so Jody's sister's fiance' , Paul lit it out in his truck and ran in with it. Half the four was melted away by the time he got to the cake. I have to give him an A+ for effort, though.

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  1. Della I didn't know you were such a talented cake maker, can I place my order now?!! Great job! Looks like Lillie had a great birthday.