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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Took yesterday off. My sinuses were still giving me grief. We're not on speaking terms right now. But, I felt good today, so we learned about William Tell . He was from Switzerland and started a revolution that eventually freed Switzerland from Austrian control. He's also the dude that shot an apple off his son's head. I read the kids a series of stories by H.E. Marshall that I got off the Baldwin Project online (great resource chalked full of stories). Then it was on to YOU TUBE to watch a symphony perform Rossini's "William Tell Overture" , you know, the Lone Ranger theme song???? Click this link to listen and watch: Part One and Part Two. By the way, here is my all time favorite version of "William Tell's Overture", check it out moms, I think you can relate.
Lillie worked on another map pinpointing key locations mentioned in our story.
And when I asked Jackson what town William Tell shot the apple off his son's head at, he answered,"HotDog, Swissland" (for those of you who can't speak Jackson, that's Altdorf, Switzerland.) Ain't he a dandy?
Next, I let the kids get Jody's bow out and try their hand at archery. It's alright mom, you can put the phone down, I'm just joking!Just seeing if you were paying attention. Seriously, I let the kids design their own faces for the next activity using our printshop program. Here they are...

We took the plates, some apples, and some small bean bags outside, where I let the kids "shoot" apples off the top of the paper plate heads. I'm not sure what they learned from this, it was just something fun to do.

Jackson didn't care to participate, but Lillie was so brutal and inaccurate at times, that William Tell's son better praise the Lord that he had William Tell for a daddy and not Lillie.
When they grew bored, they ate the apples. We also hung out with the usual suspects, some copywork, reading games, math worksheets. We covered all the bases and had a blast doing so! Thus is the way I've found it to be 95% of the time when you homeschool.


  1. How fun!! I want to come to your house for school. :)

  2. What a great project, Della! I'm sure Kasey would be glad to let Lillie throw a beanbag at her head the next time she comes for a visit!

  3. This looks like a lot of fun!

    My kids are older, but I attribute their knowledge of where places are based on the fact that we have always looked up settings on a map. The best investment I ever made was a used 1992 Hammand Atlas (very pricey book) for only TWO DOLLARS at a library book sale. Because I bought it for so little, I felt know guilt making notations, highlighting, and circling!