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Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Reason Why I Am Homeschooling...

Here is yet another reason why we need to fight tooth and nail to keep our right to educate our children at home.
Many of us remember the horror we saw as terrorists took over a school full of children in Beslan. My mom called my attention to a talk program by Glenn Beck called "The Perfect Day" in which he discusses the reality of terrorists taking over and attacking schools in our country. Check out this blog post that has alot of good information. Here is the link for the article from the Homeland Security National Terror Alert website, and here is the video clip from the training camps in Afghanistan. This is scary stuff, parents. There is a real threat to our country's children here. I couldn't help but imagine what I would feel if that the adults in this film posing as children were really children faced with such horror. We live in a sick world, people. Television and the media have made us numb to the real danger that lies lurking in our own country. We in America are not immune, though we've had it so good for so long that we believe we are. Please read and listen and do some research of your own. Then shout it from the rooftops,give your kids a big hug and kiss and be thankful, that if you homeschool, that this is one less thing to worry about.

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