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Monday, September 24, 2007

Lord , Help Me to Always be a Curly Tail...

Last night, while cruising the Rosetta Project website, I stumbled across a real gem. It was a story called "The Unselfish Pig" If you have never experienced the Rosetta Project Online Library, you are missing out. They have a massive collection of old and rare children's books for all ages, guaranteed to be void of "twaddle". They have scanned the actual pages in so you get all the original language plus some beautiful illustrations. Before I read the story, I read the kids the verses from Proverbs 3:27-28 that instructs us to not withold good from those that are in need. Anyhow, the story was about a pig called Curly Tail and his three brothers. They were all very rich and the three brothers were selfish pigs (giggle, snort, snort), but Curly Tail was well loved because he always helped those in need. His brothers got angry with him and kicked him out of the house leaving Curly Tail with no money , no home, and no clothing (because he gave it away to a poor guinea pig that society frowned down upon because she had too many kids. I can relate, moms, can't you?) But because Curly Tail had helped others, many helped him and he ended up richer than his brothers, started a kindergarten for underprivilaged animals, and threw wonderful tea parties. His brothers eventually had to come begging for his help and , of course, Curly Tail let them move in with him. What a great story to teach the very concept I have beat my brains out over trying to teach the kids. Kindness to others, selflessness, sharing... it was all embodied in this charming little story. And, you know what? Lillie got it and I never said a word. She said to me, "Momma, I want to be like Curly Tail!" Oh how the heart swells!!!! We also made a pig craft from DLTK and had a tea party (see post below). Here are the pictures of our craft.

I was amazed. I didn't plan on the tea party, but it put the lessons gleaned from the story into action. Lillie shared her birthday present and served others without whining. The Bible says in James 1:22 "Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves." And in James 1:17 "Even so faith, if it hath not works is dead, being alone." If my kids didn't master any academic benchmarks today, it's okay. They learned lessons of far more worth in my opinion.

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