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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011-2012: Chloe

I can't leave Chloe out of the mix. She's only 4 so forget doing anything formal with her. I haven't worked much with her, but she already knows most of the Kindergarten skills. My focus will be on Math and Reading with copywork, but pre-writing skills. She'll do phonics but I'm only going to work with her a couple days a week...lots of learning at her age takes place in the course of daily life and also by sitting in with Jack and Lillie Anna as they do their work. But here's a couple of things I am going to do with her for sure....

Starfall (Which she can do herself)

Letter of the Week from No Time For Flashcards (This is a great resource and we'll do one letter a week + a related book. There are activites for upper and lower case.) I will pre-cut the shapes and assemble the pieces in ziploc bags and make kits so we can just pull one down whenever she wants to do one.

Letter mini books in which we'll hunt through magazines to find words that begin with each letter of the alphabet and then put them in a binder in pockets.

The key for Chloe's age is flexible , fun, easy going learning. Let her join in with the older ones whenever she wants, let her work when she wants. I do want to spend 20 minutes just me and her before starting with the others so that she doesn't get lost in the mix. From all the books I've been reading lately my mind is at ease with this approach. I think the tendency is to rush kids at this age (girls more so than boys it seems) to try to get them hitting milestones early for whatever reason. But I've lived and learn and agree whole heart with such great minds and pioneers in changing the way we see children as far as development and learning go as Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore and Ruth Beechick. Better Late Than Early! Their wisdom and research and documented studies have made such a difference in the way I will take on the task of educating my kids...I am so thankful.

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