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Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy First Birthday!

One Year ago today...Tyler Edward made it safely into the big world a happy , healthy little boy! Been thinking today on those months I carried him facing uncertain and , truthfully, scary moments. Getting through 7 months of a grim prognosis, the daily threat on his little life that my body placed on him, the weekly 8 hour treatments to give him a fighting chance, the moments of panic, the testing...all a testimony to the Bigness of my God and his provision and love and grace and strength! Those days are a fading memory as they have been replaced with daily life with my kiddos. But as Jack is my reminder of God's foreknowledge and his inclination towards performing miracles...Tyler will always be a reminder of how much God cares for me and how even in dark, troubled times he's behind the scenes working things out. Looking back at where I was a year ago today I can see some of what God wanted to accomplish through my situation. I was able to share HIS grace and what HE had done for me with countless doctors and nurses and people in waiting rooms and maybe God has used those times to touch someone's life for the better...I like to think so. See, God can use the good, but when things are good we don't see things clearly. God does his best work in the dark times...when all self reliance is stripped away and aside from God there seems to be no hope, nothing to look toward. It's been my experience that those times are the closest I have been to God. So Happy Birthday to Tyler and lots of thanks and praise to God for what he did for me and my family during that rough time.

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  1. He is precious and I can NOT believe he is already one! Love you all hope you all are well, we have had a busy week SO SO missed talking with you Bry and Cal both have 103 temps for past 2 days so Ive been busy!
    Love ya