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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011-2012: Jack

Jack just turned 6 and is very excited about being in the first grade. This year, instead of going super involved , my main focus will be on math , reading , and writing. I will combine science, history , and Geography with Lillie and Chloe. It would just be far too complicated to try and personalize these subjects, especially as they can be adapted easily to fit any target age.

BIBLE: Drawing the Bible, Memory Verse (Bi-Weekly), Copywork from Scripture

READING: Phonics: Explode the Code 1 , 1/2, and 2

Sight Words: The School Bell Dolch Word Kit (FREE)

Word Families: 1+1+1=1 Word Family Folders (Not Going to Follow Exactly, but it inspired me to try and use lapbooking to help Jack learn the word families.

Word Way Activities

Apples4Teacher Word Family Activities (Free and Excellent Variety

of activities and resources.)

Construct a Word Game

Here's some more GO TO sites for Early Reading and Phonics:


Word Blender

Kid Zone Phonics

MATH: Working Through a List of Skills (Read Lillie's Schedule Below for Links)


HISTORY, SCIENCE, GEOGRAPHY: The Same as Lillie Anna, except I want to do something a little extra with Jack. He loves animals and has already said he wants to be a vet or a zoologist or biologist, so I'm going to use this free animal report form and we're going to do 2 animals a week and make a sort of field guide. I also will incorporate more biology in our science this year to cater to his desire to learn about animals.

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