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Friday, July 29, 2011

What Would I Do Without the Internet?

Shudder to think! LOL . I posted just the other day about Jack's career aspriations (at least this month) I think I've finally convinced him being a wild west gunslinger PROBABLY isn't the most realistic job fields.
But he's always loved animals and would rather watch a National Geographic Documentary than eat bologna and that's serious passion people! No one loves bologna more than Jack, nuff said. The girls aren't AS animal crazy, so I would really like to do some special things with Jack to prepare him for his monthly career choice, a vet or zoologist.
Found this this morning and it's FREE! Have I mentioned lately how I LOVE that word? Oh, I have? Sorry...I just want to scream it from the rooftop of my doublewide, but my neighbors probably already think we're a bit strange.

Check out all the other curriculum Erica has developed and it's SO VERY AFFORDABLE and looks to be of great quality. Explore around her site and get your bucket full of encouragement and ideas. Show her some love!

Discovering God's Animals

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