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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tyler's Birthday and 4th of July

Yeah, yeah, I's old news, but my camera takes so long to load to blogger that it's pure torture to find enough time to post a picture heavy item. But, finally, here's the few pics I got from the holiday weekend.

I think it's obvious how he feels about cake....Two of my SweetiesDa Man!He looks as if he might have some sinister plot rolling around in his head...either that or he knows something we don't.You know you're the parent of many children when you catch your baby doing something very dangerous but instead of flipping out you run to find the camera because you think "That would make such a great picture." LOLI'm not sure what this look was for...but he's cute no matter what face he has on.Sweet Girl....

Doesn't this game look fabulously dangerous and totally age IN appropriate LOL I want to build one for myself.

Have a blessed day!

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