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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

School Planning....AARGH

I am truly excited about this school year...finally feel like I've gotten some kinks worked out and my research has really helped me focus on what's important and not stress about what isn't. That being said...can I mention that I hate being broke this time of year? Seriously, I've spent a week working out my amazon and orders with some really great quality books and then this morning as I was working the budget, alas, the list has dwindled. I still might be able to pull off my full list once I see what this weeks payday looks like...but all this got me to pondering. Yes, I'm going to launch into a ramble...
Why is my excitement conditional on the material things? If I don't get the books on my list is that going to kill my enthusiasm? Because if I don't have some enthusiasm right out of the gate, then this year is going to not go as I want it to.
I have prided myself on the fact that I spend little to nothing on books and things for school...not because I necessarily like to have to do all the leg work it takes to school the way I do, but because I HAVE to. When you don't have a set curriculum and make up your own as you go, there's alot of work and hunting the internet for projects and free resources. But you know what? I kinda like the challenge. I'll see a product or curriculum component I like and if I can't buy it, I find a substitution that's either cheaper or free, or in many cases, just try to replicate it on my own. But necessity truly is the HOMESCHOOL mother of invention LOL. The challenge is to cover what you need to WHILE keeping it exciting AND within a reasonable price range.
So, here's my list of things I know I must buy:
INK for the printer
Paper for the printer
Index Cards
Folders (for Notebooking)
File Folders (for Lapbooks)
Notebook paper
Comp books for Nature Journals
(All of which is on a great sale this week at Walgreens, so that's where I'll spend quite a bit of my alloted money) THose are the musthaves for my school.

For now, I will order two books that I know I will use the most and use very early on in the year ;(the link is below, but I got mine alot cheaper on keep a list of the other books and resources so that I can buy them one or two at a time as the money becomes availiable:
Geography Challenge Levels 1 and 2 by Arnold Cheyney

Upon sorting through my vast cd roms of curriculum downloads, I realized that I had the Whole set of History Scribe and Geo Scribe! Also a 50 states copywork curriculum. I must've ordered these when they were dirt cheap on Currclick or something. But that's enough to pair with some library books (interlibrary loan here I come!) and videos from Netflix and you Tube to tide me over for the whole year if I want it to. Some lapbooks and a LOT of notebooking, plenty of science experiments (online for free) and fun hands on projects. Hopefully, while we study Tennessee History we can take a few nearly free field trips around the state!

School Registration Fees

I have to keep telling myself that money does not equal a good education. That God gave me the privilage and made a way for me to teach my children at home. It's his job to provide and my job to handle wisely what he provides and not complain or get all bummed out when I don't get to buy every book or item I'd like. What he gives me is GOOD and it is sufficient. And he has given me a healthy does of creativity and a knack for finding things on the internet and so I must be a good steward. I have a library card, now I just need grace to take all the kids into it LOL.

Am I bummed? Discouraged? NOPE...I'm still excited because I've finally gotten some answers and some confidence (Finally) that I can , in fact, do this afterall. I've asked God for help and he has been faithful to give it to me whether I liked it or any Good Father would.

I want to encourage all you homeschoolers who are in the midst of planning or are done and ready for a new , fresh year to be content and confident with what you have. God can make the little things HUGE if we'll let him.

Soon I hope to post some of my many lists I've made while planning and some of my go to sites. Alot of them you can find on my sidebar.

Have a blessed day!

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